The Regata OS desktop

Regata OS brings KDE Plasma 5, one of the most complete graphics environments today. Its main feature is its visual quality, losing nothing to competitors. This is possible thanks to its beautiful graphic effects, which take full advantage of your video card, CPU and RAM memory installed in your computer.

However, in Regata OS, some of the features are disabled by default, something that can help with games and applications that demand more from the machine, but still look good.

The app launcher

The app menu (Launcher) gives you quick access to installed apps, as well as the ability to add or remove favorites or access recently used apps and files, for example.

To quickly open the menu and start looking for an app, just typing its name, for example, just press the "Super" key on your keyboard (key that usually has the Windows logo).


In the taskbar (Panel), you can find the application menu, task manager (list of open windows), notification area, system tray and the clock.

You can also add application icons to the taskbar. To do this, just drag an icon from the menu to the system bar or click on the icon with the right mouse button and choose the option "Pin to task manager".

In addition, you can also create shortcuts for applications already running on the taskbar. To do this, right-click on the running application's icon and check the "Pin to Task Manager" option. After creating your favorite application shortcuts on the taskbar, click and drag the icons to organize them.

Last Update: November 4, 2021
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